The surgical risks associated with body contouring surgery after massive weight 1 800 numbers for payday loans loss are often minor. They vary depending on the type of surgery performed and the area involved.

Good body hygiene is recommended to decrease the risks of infection. It is recommended to take a shower everyday once the drains are removed.

The majority of body contouring procedures performed after massive weight loss will leave scars. Good compliance to your surgeon recommendations will allow decreasing the risks associated with these types of surgeries.

Your surgeon will examine and evaluate you and will 1 hr loans be able to recommend different procedures and/or delays between some procedures. Your surgeon will be happy to discuss the various options with you.


Body contouring surgery following massive weight loss is inevitably associated with scars. The type of scars varies according to the different surgical techniques. Your surgeon will attempt to leave most scars hidden in folds.

The scaring period depends on the type of surgery and on the patient. Scars can be sometimes longer since your surgeon 1 hour advance payday loans takes care to hide them in folds. For example, abdominal and pubic scars will be well camouflaged under the bathing suit. For brachioplasties and thigh lifts, scars will be well hidden in the inner part of the respective extremity.

You have to remember that scaring is a progressive process. Scars progressively fade away during the year following the surgery. Only after approximately 1 year can we see the permanent look of the scar.

Good personal and physical hygiene is important to favour optimal scaring. 100 online payday cash advance Furthermore, healthy nutrition helps tissue regeneration and scaring, since your body needs all the nutrients necessary for tissue healing. Your surgeon will also recommend you do not expose your scars to the sun during the entire healing process. You will discuss with your surgeon the entire scaring process when you meet with him.

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